Stage Set For Opening Up Of Energy Sector

    Content Team

    Minister of Energy and Business, Senator Lisa Cummins, this morning received the final documents for the Barbados Energy Local Content Development Project, which will open up the energy sector to more local businesses and help them compete on the international market.

    Consultants from the Commonwealth Secretariat led by Victor Kitange, Economic Adviser/Project Lead Oceans and Natural Resources Directorate, handed over the documents, which included a Financial Technical Assistance Programme (FTAP) Strategy Document and Local Content Department Report, and a draft Barbados Energy Local Content Bill to Minister Cummins, at the ministry’s headquarters at Country Road, St. Michael.

    Senator Cummins thanked the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Government of India which helped to fund the project, and the team at the ministry for bringing to completion the Barbados Energy Local Content Development Project. She pointed out that Barbados’ renewable energy targets for 2030 and its National Determined Contributions were contingent on international support.

    The Energy Minister further noted that the national conversation surrounding local content was usually concentrated around solar and photovoltaic investment, electricity rates and connecting to the grid but local content provisions were equally important.

    “When we talk about local content, we are talking about things that affect people. As part of our energy transition goals, there is also a component that is not talked about as much…. How do we effect change in our energy usage to renewables in a way that takes people and keeps people at the centre of that transition?


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