Sustainable Energy Framework of Barbados (SEFB)

    Project Details

    • Type: Energy Grant
    • Started: January 2019
    • Category: Energy
    • Value: $400,000

    Project Overview

    In February 2009, the Government of Barbados entered into a Technical Assistance Agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to provide assistance to develop a Sustainable Energy Framework for Barbados. The general objective of this project is to promote renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) in Barbados, thus (i) reducing the country’s dependency on imported fossil fuels, (ii) enhancing security and stability in energy supply, and (iii) improving overall environmental sustainability in the country.  The Ministry is currently on the fourth installation of the SEFB which begun in January 2019.
    This Technical Cooperation will provide support to the Public Sector Smart Energy Program (PSSEP) and the Deployment of Cleaner Fuels and Renewable Energies in Barbados being executed by the National Petroleum Corporation, as well as the planning and preparation for the Energy Smart Fund II.
    The Technical Cooperation is being delivered under the three following components:

    Component I. Support to the SEFB Program

    This component will finance consultancy services to prepare a comprehensive assessment and strategy to support the further development and modernization of the electricity regulatory framework in Barbados. Activities under this component include:
    1. an assessment of the regulatory barriers for the introduction of business models and new renewables technologies including energy storage, electric mobility and OTEC among other identified and suitable technologies;
    2. analysis of options and best practices to overcome the identified barriers;
    3. the development of guidelines to update the regulatory framework in Barbados to adapt to new renewables technologies; and
    4. identify potential projects to utilize innovative RE technologies.

    Component II. Sustainable Electric Mobility Policy Development and Cutting-edge Technologies Strategy

    This component will finance the development of a strategy for the design and implementation of a Sustainable Electric Mobility Policy which is consistent with the objectives of the Barbados National Energy Policy 2017-2030. Activities under this component will include:
    1. a comprehensive assessment of the most viable sustainable electric mobility technologies and business models for Barbados (including social, environmental and economic impact);
    2. an assessment of the current fiscal and regulatory environment to implement the technologies and business models identified; and
    3. propose a guideline to implement the necessary changes.

    Component III. Capacity Building, Institutional Strengthening & Public Awareness

    This component will support capacity building, institutional strengthening and public awareness as required for the implementation of the SEFB. It will finance the following activities:
    1. training sessions for the Ministry and other sector institutions;
    2. workshops to disseminate relevant knowledge; and
    3. a public awareness event to promote the deployment of RE and EE technologies.

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