Project Overview

    The Barbados National Energy Information System (NEIS) was established in 2009 through a mandate from the Cabinet of Barbados.  The goal of the NEIS is to modernise and transform the current energy information system to produce reliable energy statistics to support energy planning and inform decision making in the energy sector.

    Objectives include:

    • Establishment of processes, procedures, and infrastructure to create an eco-system of energy statistics.
    • Establishment of a national energy information system database.
    • Improvement in the availability of empirical data for energy research and planning.
    • Establishment of energy balances for Barbados.
    • Establishment of key energy indicators for Barbados.
    • Enhancement of the flow of information to inform planning, investment, and marketing decisions in the energy sector.


    The NEIS is sustained by a sector wide system spanning regional institutions, the private sector and the public sector.  The NEIS is in turn managed by the National Energy Statistics Committee and supported by the Technical Working Group.

    Charts and Graphs

    We chart and graph some high-value data from the NEIS in our Data Portal.

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