The Ministry’s Seismic Data Room and Virtual Data Room (VDR) will be open to companies interested in perusing the available seismic data from January 10, 2023 until April 10, 2023.

    Please be advised that the Ministry’s seismic workstation is currently equipped with Kingdom 2022 software. Paper copies of earlier vintages of seismic data, along with associated offshore technical reports and well data will also be available for viewing. Companies wishing to access data remotely can do so using the Virtual Data Room. All data will not be available on the VDR Platform, therefore the Ministry encourages all companies to take advantage of the Seismic Data Room as much as possible. Access to the Data Rooms will only be provided to those companies which have purchased the Barbados Offshore Data Package and/or the requisite amount of seismic data from one of the approved, listed Multiclient vendors. Requests to visit the Data Room should be forwarded to email address and addressed to:

    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Energy and Business
    Trinity Business Centre
    Country Road
    St. Michael