Instructions to householders

    You can only use this registration to request a cumulative total of 10kW(ac) of renewable energy for any one household. This is NOT to be used for non-domestic systems.

    To apply for more than 10kW(ac) domestic please use the ELPA portal. – link to ELPA portal

    Please have the following documents and information on hand before you begin

    • Contact information – name, address, phone, email address
    • The Barbados Light and Power electricity bill to which your renewable energy system will be connected
    • Your Barbados National Registration number OR your passport
    • Roof size in square feet if your system will be mounted on the roof
    • The type and size of the renewable energy system e.g. 2.5kW solar


    You must enter a valid email address that you have access to in order to receive your certificate.

    Pre-approved single line design drawings are available for your use, however you are also allowed to use a design of your own. If you will be using your own design, make sure to have an electronic copy of the design. 

    You will be required to complete the registration in its entirety once you begin. The form cannot be saved and completed later.