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    The mission of the Research & Planning Unit of the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship is to conduct research and analysis to inform policy and to advise the Ministry on the economic and financial aspects of energy production, storage, consumption, investment, distribution, pricing and related fiscal issues of the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector.
    Mr. Bryan Haynes, Chief Project Analyst, is the head of the Research and Planning Unit.

    Mr. Bryan Haynes

    Chief Project Analyst

    Department: Research & Planning

    Mr. Bryan Haynes

    Position: Chief Project Analyst
    Email: bhaynes@energy.gov.bb
    Department: Research & Planning


    • Collect and compile energy related data;
    • Conduct economic and financial analysis to inform decisions relating to energy;
    • Provide advice and formulate strategies to ensure the efficient production, consumption and pricing of energy products and services;
    • Conduct appraisals for energy related prices;
    • Assist in the development and the establishment of the Offshore Exploration and Production of oil and gas;
    • Improve networks between the Ministry of Energy and stakeholders in the energy sectors including:
      • Barbados National Oil Company
      • Barbados National Terminal Company Ltd.
      • National Petroleum Corporation
      • Barbados Statistical Service
      • The University of the West Indies

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