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    The mission of the Natural Resources Department (NRD) is to promote the development of the island’s natural resources, situated both onshore and within its marine jurisdiction, including the Exclusive Economic Zone, in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.



    The Natural Resources Department monitors and regulates the exploration, extraction and production of the island’s non-renewable natural resources which include the oil & gas reserves and industrial mineral deposits of sand, limestone, shale and clay.
    The Department also provides geological and geotechnical assistance to other Government agencies, including but not limited to, the Environmental Protection Department; Town and Country Development Planning Office; Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance; and the Coastal Zone Management Unit.  These services are also extended to private entities and the general public in cases where such intervention is required in the interest of public safety.
    The work of the Department seeks to promote and advance the Earth Sciences and is guided by the development policies outlined by the Government of Barbados through the National Development Policy, Physical Development Plan and the National Energy Policy 2019-2030.
    Mr. Jamar White, Director of Natural Resources, is the head of the Natural Resources Department.

    Mr. Jamar White

    Position: Director
    Phone: (246)535-2507
    Email: jamar.white@barbados.gov.bb


    • Geological Mapping
    • Geotechnical, Geophysical and Geohazard Investigations
    • Monitoring and Assessment of Quarries
    • Technical Assistance
    • Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production
    • Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Development and Production

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