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    The Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Unit (ECREU) is mandated to enhance Barbados’ energy independence, energy security, economic growth and environmental sustainability through innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and market transformations.
    The objective is to improve Barbados’ energy security and resilience, as well as reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels, resulting in the retention of foreign exchange and the improvement of the country’s economic competitiveness.
    This objective supports the transitioning of Barbados’ energy sector to a 100% renewable energy and carbon neutral island state by 2030.



    The ECREU is responsible for advising on policy and legislation through ongoing research and analysis; programmes to promote a viable, competitive and sustainable energy sector; and deepening collaborations across the many internal and external stakeholders across the public and the private sectors.
    Mr. William Hinds, Chief Energy Conservation Officer, is the head of the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Unit.


    • Providing advice and formulating strategies to ensure the efficient and sustainable production, consumption and pricing of energy products and services.
    • Implementation of the Barbados National Energy Policy 2019-2030.
    • Legislative and regulatory review and reform.

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