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    The mission of the Administrative and Legal Unit of the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship is to complement the work of the technical sections through the provision of timely and effective administrative, legal and regulatory support.



    One of the key objectives of the Administrative and Legal Unit is to ensure that the activities and work programmes of the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship are accomplished in order to facilitate wider public participation in energy-related matters, along with providing strategic direction in the formulation, execution, revision and supervision of all the policies, programmes, personnel and legislative agenda of the Ministry.


    The combination of the energy, small business and entrepreneurship portfolios provide a unique opportunity for the Ministry to investigate and address the issues related to energy, small business and entrepreneurship, as well as the synergies between the three sectors. The adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies provides a pathway for reducing, if not eliminating, the high cost of energy across all sectors.  The choices made in the near future regarding how we produce and use energy will determine, not only the extent to which we mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, but also how resilient our energy systems are to the variability of our resources and its many competing demands.
    Mrs. Francine Blackman, Permanent Secretary, is the head of the Administrative and Legal Unit.


    • Providing advice and formulating strategies to ensure the efficient and sustainable production, consumption and pricing of energy products and services.
    • Providing advice and formulating strategies to ensure safe land development and land use practices.
    • Implementation of the Barbados National Energy Policy 2019-2030.
    • Promoting and developing the exploration and production of the island’s offshore oil and gas resources.
    • Improving networks between the Ministry and the stakeholders across government, the private sector, academia and both the non-renewable and renewable energy sectors.
    • Facilitating capacity building and institutional strengthening on sustainable energy matters within the public sector.
    • Water resource management and protection.
    • Legislative and regulatory review and reform.


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