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This policy document has been developed for Barbados with the aim of providing clear direction to the government in the short, medium and long term, for various areas of development both in the renewable and non-renewable aspects of energy. In the course of the policy both aspects related to energy production and energy consumption will be considered.

In light of the present social and economic environment within the country, we have sought to make the policy relevant to the many possible future circumstances, and considered energy in its broadest sense looking at the many cross cutting sectors of the economy.

What this 2017 policy document is designed to achieve:

It should be noted that this policy document is intended to provide a framework to guide decision making in the various sectors that come under the umbrella of energy development. It defines at the outset broad mission and goals and objectives up to 2036. Later the document defines more specific objectives under the various sub sectors identified. There are also recommended activities given that could be part of the actions to achieve the goals identified.

The policy is however NOT been designed to be prescriptive in stating exact actions that need to be taken in any of the subsectors identifications. It also does not determine specific targets within the various subsectors, strategies needed within the sector or specific roles and responsibilities of individuals or agencies that are required to ensure that the goals or objectives outlined in the policy are achieved.

All these factors are undeniably important if the policy is to be effective, but it is expected that these will be explored in more detail in the “Action Plan” which will be developed as a follow up to this document.

This policy also suggests some overall targets for energy mix based on the Ministry of Energy and Telecommunications’ data highlighting the availability and cost of various energy sources. Given that the availability and costs of certain resources such as natural gas may change over the coming years, there needs to be a level of flexibility in establishing long term targets. Nonetheless, the targets herein are considered to be a good starting point to inform the decision making within the energy subsectors.


Download full Policy document here: icon Interim Draft of National Energy Policy (832.72 kB).