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Crest of Government of barbados Logo for Natural Resources Division

Barbados 2015 Offshore Petroleum Licensing Campaign

The Division of Energy and Telecommunications, Prime Minister's Office invites interested oil and gas companies to participate in its upcoming 2015 Offshore Petroleum Licensing Campaign, which will include seven (7) blocks located on the shelf and in deep-water areas in the Northeast Caribbean Deformed Belt.

The Campaign will be governed by the Offshore Petroleum Act Cap. 282 A, Offshore Petroleum (Taxation) Act Cap. 80, Offshore Petroleum (Amendment) Act 2012, Offshore Petroleum (Taxation)(Amendment) Act 2012 and the Offshore Petroleum Regulations 2013.

Additional details regarding the Campaign are available online at the Division's website www.energy.gov.bb.

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Located in the Trinity Business Center in Country Road, St. Michael, the Energy Division was established in 1978, in the Ministry of Trade, on the advice of technical assistance experts from the Overseas Development Administration of the U.K.

A geologist, seconded from the Ministry of Agriculture, was the first full-time employee of the Division which was previously staffed by one part-time employee, the Director of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Since 1978, the Division has expanded into an organization responsible for oil and gas, alternative energy and energy conservation (having amalgamated with the Energy Conservation Unit). The Division also provides geological and earth science services to other Government departments, as well as to the private sector.

The Division is charged with the mandate of monitoring petroleum price movements; liaising with the CariCom Secretariat and OLADE on regional energy issues; preparing Cabinet Papers, briefs, speeches, position papers and comments on energy, geological and earth science-related matters; so that the functioning of an efficient, reliable sector may be ensured.

The Energy Division is comprised of an Administrative Unit, the Legal & Regulatory Unit, the Natural Resources Department, the Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Unit and the Research & Planning Unit.

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In 2008, the Government of Barbados officially embarked on a campaign to market its exclusive economic zone for oil and gas exploration & production to qualifying companies across the globe. For information about this programme, click here.

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Current Retail Price Structure

Effective January 2013 (Prices quoted in BDS dollars per litre)

Kerosene:  $1.85 per litre
Diesel:  $2.86 per litre
Gasoline:  $3.15 per litre
Liquified Petroleum Gas (20lb):  $39.85
Liquified Petroleum Gas (25 lb):  $49.63
Liquified Petroleum Gas (100 lb):  $178.12

Click here to see LPG Historical Retail Prices


Energy Tip!

In a country like Barbados, where summertime heat gain is the main concern, look for windows with double glazing and spectrally selective coatings that reduce heat gain.

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