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The mission of the Natural Resources Department is to promote the development of all local natural resources, situated both on-shore and within our marine jurisdiction, including the Exclusive Economic Zone, in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

Currently, the island’s known tangible natural resources are its onshore oil and gas reserves and its industrial minerals of sand, clay and limestone.

The effective management of Barbados’ natural resources is a continuous process; however the Natural Resources Department’s objectives are mainly:

  • To identify and quantify the island’s onshore and offshore natural resources
  • To prepare programmes to encourage the exploitation of these resources
  • To provide a regulatory framework which will allow for the orderly and sustainable development of these resources, for optimum benefit to the country.

Mr. Jamar White, Director (ag.), heads the Natural Resources Department.


Contact Us:

Natural Resources Department (Energy Division)
Trinity Business Center
Country Road, St. Michael

Tel: (246) 434-2505

Fax: (246) 436-6004

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