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Barbados has a rich cultural heritage which is a fascinating mélange of African, European and (to a lesser extent) other influences. This blend has become the unique expression of the Barbadian identity and is clearly evident in various facets of the Barbadian way of life. Barbadians are known to be hospitable, warm and inviting people, who take pride in welcoming visitors to their shores. Each year, there are a number of local festivals.  Chief among them is Crop-Over, held in July/August of every year and signalling the end of the sugar cane harvest.

Crop-Over is one of the Caribbean's biggest festivals and is a graphic display of the skill, creativity, and cultural traditions of the country and its people. Other festivals are the Holetown Festival, held during February, which commemorates the landing of the first settlers in Barbados and the Holders Opera Season, a musical and theatrical festival held during the month of March at Holder's House, St. James .  The annual International Jazz Festival, held in January, attracts renowned foreign artistes and draws visitors from all over the globe.



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