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The basic Barbados Offshore Data Package consists of printed reports, CD volumes, maps/well logs and digital copies of seismic lines as listed below:-

Printed Reports
1) G&G Review
2) End of Well Report: Well Sandy Lane #1/1Z, 2002
3) Offshore Barbados License, Exploration Drilling Stage, Final Report, Oct. 2004
4) Barbados Sandy Lane - 1 and 1Z. Final Well Report, 9/2002
5) Offshore Barbados Discovery Bay. Results of Seismic Reprocessing, Dec. 2002
6) Barbados Sandy Lane - 1 and 1Z. Final Geological Report. 9/2002

CD Volumes
1) End of Well Report: Well Sandy Lane #1/1Z
2) End of Well Report: Sandy Lane 1
3) SL&P Upstream Technology: Conoco-Phillips Barbados Discovery 2D Seismic Reprocessing
4) Side Wall Cores Sandy Lane 1Z
5) Side Wall Core Analysis Sandy Lane #1
6) Schlumberger Pds format
7) Baker Atlas Sandy Lane 1Z Composite
8) Petrographic Analysis Sandy Lane 1Z
9) Petrographic Analysis Sandy Lane 1
10) Petrographic Analysis Sandy Lane 1Z Well Job #0200389
11) The Petroleum Potential of Offshore Barbados
12) Final Processing Report 3D Seismic Survey
13) Baker Atlas Sandy Lane 1Z (ZDL, CN, DSL/GR, RCI, MAC, SWC). Interval 13,777-7,050
14) Base Map

Maps/Well Logs
1) Composite Well Log. Sandy Lane #1Z
2) Sandy Lane 1. (Log from original hole below kick-off point of sidetrack Sandy Lane 1Z at 10,900 ft MD)
3) Barbados Geological Map (1:50,000)

Seismic Lines
1) CBARB99-12 (58 km in length)
2) CBARB99-22 (52 km in length)
3) CBARB99-43 (212 km in length)
4) CBARB99-48 (107 km in length)
5) CBARB99-51 (118 km in length)
6) CBARB99-60 (125 km in length)
7) CBARB99-65 (277 km in length)
8) CBARB99-76 (109 km in length)

For details and information on how you may obtain this package, please contact the Division of Energy directly.


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