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Barbados 2015 Offshore Data Package

1.   The standardised 'Barbados 2015 Offshore Data Package' is offered to interested companies at a cost of US$105,000, and invoiced by the Division of Energy and Telecommunications of the Government of Barbados.

2.   Requests for Data Packages should be forwarded to email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and addressed to:

Permanent Secretary
Division of Energy and Telecommunications
Prime Minister’s Office
Trinity Business Centre
Country Road
St. Michael

3.   The 'Barbados 2015 Offshore Data Package' consists of the following printed reports, digital volumes, maps, well logs and seismic data:

A.   Printed Reports 

(i)   G&G Review.

(ii)   End of Well Report: Well Sandy Lane 1/1Z, 2002.

(iii)  Offshore Barbados License: Exploration Drilling Stage - Final Report, Oct. 2004.

(iv)  Barbados Sandy Lane 1 and 1Z - Final Well Report, 9/2002.

(v)   Offshore Barbados Discovery Bay: Results of Seismic Reprocessing, Dec. 2002.

(vi)  Barbados Sandy Lane 1 and 1Z: Final Geological Report. 9/2002.

B.   Digital Volumes (USB Drive)

(i)  End of Well Report: Sandy Lane 1/1Z.

(ii)  SL&P Upstream Technology: Conoco-Phillips Barbados Discovery Bay 2D Seismic Data Reprocessing.

(iii) Side Wall Core Analysis Sandy Lane 1/1Z.

(iv) Side Wall Core Analysis Sandy Lane 1.

(v)  Schlumberger Pds Format.

(vi) Baker Atlas Sandy Lane 1/1Z Composite.

(vii)Petrographic Analysis Sandy Lane 1/1Z.

(viii)Petrographic Analysis Sandy Lane 1.

(ix) The Petroleum Potential of Onshore Barbados.

(x)  Final Processing Report – Offshore 3D Seismic Survey.

(xi) Baker Atlas Sandy Lane 1Z (ZDL, CN, DSL/GR, RCI, MAC, SWC). Interval 13,777-7,050.

(xii)Base Map.

C.   Maps/Well Logs

(i)  Composite Well Log. Sandy Lane 1/1Z.

(ii) Sandy Lane 1 (Log from original hole below kick-off point of sidetrack Sandy Lane 1Z at 10,900 ft MD).

(iii)Barbados Geological Map (1:50,000). 

D.  Conoco 1999 2D Seismic Data (Total of 1058 line-km) - Transmitted separately by IHS on behalf of the Government of Barbados.

(i)  CBARB99-12 (58 line-km)

(ii) CBARB99-22 (52 line-km)

(iii) CBARB99-43 (212 line-km)

(iv) CBARB99-48 (107 line-km)

(v)  CBARB99-51 (118 line-km)

(vi) CBARB99-60 (125 line-km)

(vii)CBARB99-65 (277 line-km)

(viii)CBARB99-76 (109 line-km) 

E.   High Resolution PDF Images from the various Multiclient 2D Seismic Datasets

(i) MultiClient Geophysical
Two (2) complimentary high resolution PDF images 

·    MCG1281 1381 Barbados Seismic Example 1
·    MCG1281 1381 Barbados Seismic Example 2

MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) conducted a speculative multiclient seismic acquisition campaign offshore Barbados in 2013. The company has 6,837 km of long offset 2D seismic data available for purchase. To learn more, visit

(ii) ION Geophysical
Two (2) complimentary high resolution PDF images

·     BB99R1-10 PSTM
·     BB99R1-67 PSTM

ION has recently completed reprocessing of legacy proprietary 2D data providing over 9,000kms of both pre-stack time migration and pre-stack depth migration data accompanied by interpretation products from the Tobago Trough, Barbados Ridge, Barbados Trough forearc basin and the Outer Deformation Front. It provides prospective applicants the fullest and most advanced framework, including seismic ties and conjugates with neighbouring basins and existing wells. ION will showcase the data at the Caribbean Geological Conference 2015 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, May 17-20, and at the AAPG 2015 Annual Convention & Exhibition in Denver, May 31 – June 3, booth #1529.  To learn more, visit

 (iii) Spectrum
      Two (2) complimentary high resolution PDF images

·     Spectrum Barbados PSTM Line A
·     Spectrum Barbados PSTM Line B

Spectrum has more than 8,000 km of seismic data available for license in preparation for the Barbados 2015 Licensing Campaign.   Pre-stack time migrations are available now, with newly re-processed time and depth data expected Q3 2015. To learn more, please visit

4.   Once a request for the purchase of a Data Package is received by the Division, the interested party will be provided with the relevant banking instructions and a copy of the Data User (Confidentiality) Agreement for signature.

5.   Once payment is received and a signed copy of the Confidentiality Agreement returned to the Division, the printed reports, maps and well logs comprising the 'Barbados 2015 Offshore Data Package' will be transferred to the interested party via courier. This data should arrive within 10-12 days. The portion of the Data Package comprising the 1058 line-km of Conoco 1999 2D seismic data will be transferred by IHS, on behalf of the Government of Barbados. This data should arrive within a similar time-frame.

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