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Welcome to the Barbados 2015 Offshore Licensing Campaign

Welcome to the Barbados 2015 Offshore Licensing Campaign

This website is dedicated to keeping you up to date with data, information and the upcoming schedule of events as it relates to the 2015 Offshore Licensing Campaign, now open to stakeholders.

The Division of Energy and Telecommunications, Prime Minister's Office invites interested oil and gas companies to participate in its upcoming 2015 Offshore Petroleum Licensing Campaign, which will include seven (7) blocks located on the shelf and in deep-water areas in the Northeast Caribbean Deformed Belt.

The Campaign will be governed by the Offshore Petroleum Act Cap. 282 A, Offshore Petroleum (Taxation) Act Cap. 80, Offshore Petroleum (Amendment) Act 2012, Offshore Petroleum (Taxation)(Amendment) Act 2012 and the Offshore Petroleum Regulations 2013.

Additional details regarding the Campaign are available on this website, and we trust that the information will be useful and help you to participate successfully in the process.