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Barbados CrestGovernment of Barbados

Invitation to Submit Proposals for Offshore Exploration Licences

The Minister responsible for Energy and Telecommunications (“the Minister”) invites interested companies to submit proposals for exploration licences (“Licences”), to be granted under the Offshore Petroleum Legislation, to explore for hydrocarbons in Barbados' Offshore Acreage.

The opening date for submission of proposals is June 30th, 2015. The closing date for submission of proposals is December 30th, 2015. Proposals must be received by the Division of Energy and Telecommunications (“the Division”) no later than 12 noon local time on December 30th 2015. Proposals and all accompanying documentation must be prepared and submitted in the English language.

Specific guidelines for License Applications can be found here:  Barbados 2015 Invitation to Submit Proposals


The list of pre-Qualifiled companies can be found here:  List of Pre-Qualified Companies for 2015 Licensing Campaign

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